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Finding Orlando

Located smack in the middle of the state, Orlando is easily accessible by major freeways, the Amtrak train - even hot air balloon, which is a delightful way to tour the area. Getting around this ultra modern city is a breeze, via the Lynx bus system.


Directions by Car
Major freeways lead to Orlando: Interstate 4 which traverses the state from Daytona Beach on the east coast to St. Petersburg on the west coast, Interstate 10 extending from Florida's southwest tip at Pensacola to the northeastern Jacksonville, Interstate 75 which runs from Georgia to Naples and then east to Fort Lauderdale, Interstate 95 that runs from Jacksonville to Miami and the Florida Turnpike that emerges from Miami and travels north through Orlando up to Interstate 75 at Ocala.



Airline Travel
Orlando International Airport has been rated among the top five airports in the world for customer convenience. And the number of airlines servicing it is quickly growing. Click here for airlines that service Orlando.

Train Travel
Kids, both young and old, like taking the train. Four Amtrak trains head to Orlando daily; they originate in New York, Washington, D.C., Tampa and Miami. The Auto Train also daily departs from Lortan, Virginia, at 4:30 p.m. and arrives in Sanford, Florida, at 9 a.m. the next morning. Besides having the ability to transport cars and vans, The Auto Train also features hi-level Superliner sleepers, a diner and a lounge.

In-Town Travel
Limousines, taxis, carriage rides and buses can get you anywhere in Orlando. In fact, the bus stops are indicated by a Lynx pawprint. On International Drive, I-Ride buses make stops every 5--10 minutes; their stops' Lynx pawprint bear the words "I-Ride."