So you wanna be in pictures?

There are two kinds of people in the world: those in front of the camera and those behind it.

Say you want to be in front. The easiest way to get your mug in the movies is to be an extra -- hey, you can’t be the star. Those parts are already cast.

But you can still toady up to the talented. Films issue casting calls for extras in local media and in trade publications. Another good bet: the local film office. Most have websites and list current projects and talent needs. Some talent agencies also deal with extras.

Some lucky Central Florida residents still talk about“Days of Thunder,” when they got to hang with the likes of Tom and Nicole -- before the now-split stars even became an item -- and Robert Duvall.

Having a film in town also can lead to close encounters of a more casual kind. An Orlando resident got up one morning to find Steve Martin, star of Parenthood, sitting on his front step petting his cat.

Perhaps your path to celluloid glory lies behind the camera. Or maybe you want to make this film thing a career. Film school may be the way to go.

Florida State is considered one of your top-notch places to learn the art and business of film. The Tallahassee university has a national rep for quality.

At the University of Florida, FSU’s rival, the film program emphasizes computerization and electronic culture.

If you’re of the indie persuasion, you might lean toward the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Sterling Van Wagenen, a co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival, is the program’s director.

Other schools have film programs as well. Just check the course offerings of your favorite institution of higher learning.