by Liz Johnson I heard a rumor that once Bill Clinton was reelected president, he would allow the people who were involved in the famous "Roswell Incident" to finally speak out about their firsthand experiences with the aliens. The Roswell Incident is the famous crash of an alien spacecraft, which was recovered by the army and secreted away in the '50s, and whose existence has been vigorously denied, debunked and dismissed as a weather balloon by the government all these years.

Most people I know sort of believe, or would like to believe, that we are not alone, and some recent and actually very old experiences of my own have solidified by feelings about this situation.

I recently saw a video taken by a Miami man, who claims to be in direct contact with his friends from Pleiades, one of the planets in the little dipper, which this time of year, is high in the nighttime sky looking east. His rather convincing amateur video shows two spacecraft hovering right off his balcony in densely populated Aventura, having first contacting him telepathically, and arranging to come by for a visit. Lucky he had his camcorder ready - which he then brought into his car, continuing to film them as they all sped along the highway, zipping along behind the palm trees.

After watching the video, a group of 6 of us set out to the golf course behind my home, with the idea that merely mentally wishing to make contact would make them eventually appear. As a group, a clump of sincere thoughts have more zing than just one little mind going it alone, and would surely bring results. David, our friend who brought the video, remembered to bring the flashlight, which is needed to blink back any patterns of light we might observe coming from their craft. Each of us sat for an hour and a half, mentally calling to them quite sincerely , little beams of love, curiosity and trepidation, giggling from silliness of it all and the champagne that Robin brought.

When it finally started to rain, we all stumbled back, vowing that the Alien Club would meet regularly. It was, after all, fun - like a theme party. "Watch out for the little grey guys," said Robin as we made our way up to the house, "they're the ones who perform the experiments!"

According to those in the know, there are at least 9 different kinds of visitors from points beyond. Pleiadians look like us. Some are lizard-like, some "greys" like the ET variety - in fact there are at least 2 kinds of greys, with the big black eyes. Some are nice and some are, well, more medically inclined. Those greys were the ones sited by those who say they were experimented upon. And some don't have a physical form at all - just intelligence.

Apparently they're not very happy with us, however, hence the interest on their part. Because we are ruining our planet environmentally, because our minds are being filled on a daily basis with violent gunk and the virtual opposite of love and truth, because we insist on killing each other and refusing to evolve as people - we're stinking up the galactic neighborhood with our bad vibes, like obnoxious, unconscious neighbors. And just like when a dissolute neighbor abuses his kids and lets his house and his yard fall to pieces, the neighborhood association steps in to intervene.

The day after the Alien Club met, I was waiting at a light at an intersection near my house. A warm blast of wind suddenly came through the window, startling me a little. I looked over a saw a man walking towards me, wearing a bright red Bozo wig. I blinked and looked again, and realized I was seeing his aura. The guy in the car in front of me had a large blue shape around him, and I was suddenly seeing everyone's aura. Later that night, when we took our after-dinner stroll around the golf course, I kept seeing a strange blue light up ahead and from the corner of my eyes. The light was different than normal lights - the light wasn't coming from a filament, it was more an energy from within the light itself.

I fell asleep very quickly that night, but was awakened by a very, very loud metallic screeching sound, which I realized was actually me screaming. I asked my husband if he heard me, and told me no. I fell back asleep and then dreamed I was being propelled forward at an incredible speed. I heard a very loud rainstorm pounding against the wall next to me, and saw changing psychedelic patterns in subdued colors. Then I was looking down into the black interior of a round vehicle, about the size of a car. It had a circular seat in the center.

I remembered Robin's warning about the grey guys, and wondered if this might really be a lab, and I became afraid. The scene changed to one that was very deep and black, but not black like an abyss. It was more deep like the ocean, and loving, and completely understanding. I felt that my fear was understood, and next I was back in my bed again, but in a very different type of physicality. It was as if my right and left sides were confused, and I had to concentrate to realize which was the bed, which was the sheets, and which was me. It took ten minutes to feel correctly in order.

I lay awake for a while, with an understanding that it's not that we have to wait for the aliens to show up. We have to be ready to accept that they're here, and have been. In fact, they were here first. And it's not about them doing anything, it's about our awakening.