Where to Land in Northeast Florida
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Flagler County
Location: 3 mi. E of city.
904/437-0401, Fax: 904/437-7459
intensive flight training, aerobatics, banner towing, gyrocopters, helicopter ops, parachuting.
Command Aircraft: 904/437-5792. Fax: 904/437-0393
Flagler County Airport: 904/437-0401. Fax: 904/437-7459.
Mudry Aviation, LTD.: 904/437-9700. Fax: 904/437-1177
Palm Coast: 800/541-6923. Fax: 904/4S7-72S8

Fernandina Beach Municipal
Location: 3 mi. S of city.
904/261-7890. Fax: 904/261-9036.
banner towing, helicopter ops, RC models
Island Aviation Services,:904/261-7890. Fax: 904/261-9036

Gainesville Regional
Location: 3 mi. NE of city 352/373-0249. Fax: 352/374-8368
airline service, intensive flight training, banner towing
Flightline Gainesville, Inc.: 352/335-4681. Fax: 352/338-0593
Gulf Atlantic Airways, Inc.: 352/373-2426. Fax: 352/376-1806

Location: 7 mi. SW of city.
Nearby attractions. Ginnie Springs, FL 15 mi.

Hilliard Airpark
Location: 1 mi E of city
Hilliard Aviation, Inc: 904/845-3446.

Craig Municipal
Location: 8 mi. E of city
Nearby: Amelia Island, Gator Bowl, Mill Cove golf course on field; PGA Hq & TPC. intensive flight training, banner towing, helicopter ops, military ops.
Avitat Cralg Jet: 904/641-8555. Fax: 904/641-9918
Bragg Avlatlon Electronics: 904/641-8533, 904/641-8534
Craig Air Cenbr: 904/641-0300. Fax: 904/642-2012
North Florida Flight Center: 904/642-3912. Fax: 904/642-4868

Location: 8 mi. SW of city

Jacksonville International
Location: 9 mi. N of city
Telephone: 904/741-2000, 904/741-2070, 904/741-2028, 904/741-2003. Fax: 904/741-2011
Nearby attractions: Amelia Island Plantation; Gator Bowl (Jacksonville Municipal Stadium); Jacksonville Beach; Jacksonville Landing/Rivenwalk; Jacksonville Zoo; golf courses, St Augustine
airline service, military
AirKaman: 904/741-2201. Fax: 904/741-2250

Keystone Airpark
Location: 3 mi. N of city
352/473-0031, 352/473-4807. Fax: 352/473-5101
Gold Head State Park 8 mi.
aerobatics, agricultural ops, banner towing, helicopter ops, military ops, parachut- ina, RC models, ultralights
R C Aircraft, Inc.: 352/473-0540. Fax: 352/473-0550

Lake City Municipal
Locatlon: 3 mi. E of city
904/752-1066. Fax:904/752-4896
intensive flight training

Kay Larkin
Location: 2 mi NW of city
904/3294;48. Fax. 904/329-4106
Nearby attractions: Ravine Gardens State Park 3 mi.
parachuting. RC models
Palatka Aviation, Inc.: 904/328-4466

St. Auqustine
Locatlon: 4 mi. N of city
904/825-6860. Fax: 904/825-6843 Nearby attractions: Golf Hall of Fame 5 mi; Nation's oldest city, 4 mi; Ponta Vedra Beach 23 mi.
aerobatics, military ops, ultralights
Aero Sport, Inc.: 904/824-1995, 904/824-6230, 904/829-3700. Fax: 904/824-4509
North Amenican Top-Gun: 904/823-3505. Fax: 904/823-1405
Southeast Aero Services, Inc.: 904/824-1899, 800/692-2091. Fax: 904/824- 6334.
Southeast Avionics: 904/824-6695. Fax: 9W824-6334