Where to Land in Central Florida
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Avon Park Municipal
2 mi W of city
941/452-1400. Fax:941/452-4413
agricultural, helicopter ops, ultralights
Nearby attractions: Sebring raceway,
Avon Park Jet Center: 941/453-5046. Fax: 941/453-5251.
Dumont Aircraft Engines: 941/453-2600. Fax: 941/453-5864.
Highlands Aviation, inc.: 941/452-2600. Fax: 941/452-5520.

Mid Florida Air Service
Location: 3 mi. E of city.
352/589-0767 Fax: 352/589-0767
Nearby attractions: Renninger's Antique Mall & Flea Market.
intensive flight training, aerobatics, helicopter ops, soaring

Lakeland Linder Regional
Location: 4 mi. SW of city.
Nearby attractions: Fantasy of Flight (Aviation Theme Park) 13 mi, Lakeland Antique District 6 mi; Lakeland Center 6 mi; Sun & Fun Museum on field.
intensive flight training, helicopter ops, military ops., Camping. on field
Cypress Avlation: 941/644-0428. Fax: 941/646-8728.
Flight Satety Int'l: 800/726-5037. Fax: 941/644-6211
Globe Aero Ltd, Inc.: 941/644-2451. Fax: 9i1 i647-3086
Piedmont Hawthorne Aviation: 941/644-0433. Fax: 941/644-4814
The Academy: 941/648-2004, 800/532-3210. Fax: 941/648-2204

Lake Wales Municipal
Location 2 mi. W of city
941/678-0080. Fax: 941/676-1409
parachuting, ultralights
Lake Wales Aviation: 941/678-0080. Fax: 941/678-1409

Chalet Suzanne Air Strip
Location: 3 mi. N of city.
Bok Tower Gardens, Eagle Ridge Mall, Fantasy of flight; Spook Hill; Walt Disney World/Epcot 45 min.
RC models

Leesburg Regional
Location: 3 mi. NE of city
Nearby attractions: Dora Canal 2 mi Harris chain of lakes 1/4 mi; Venetian Gardens 4 mi.
helicopter ops
Aeroage: 352/728-0582. Fax: 352/787-4666
C-Wings: 352/787-5128.
Florida Aircraft instruments, Inc.:352/787-8566
Phil's Alrcraft Repair: 352/978-4151
Sunair Avlation, Inc.: 3521787-2211, 352/787-1208. Fax: 352/787-1574.
Triangle Aviation Service: 352/787-3147

South Lakeland
Location: 3 mi. NW of city
hang gliding, helicopter ops, parachuting, soaring, ultralights
Skydive Tampa Elay, Inc.: 941/425-3140

Ocala Regional/Jim Taylor Field
Nearby attractions: Florida horse country
helicopter ops, military ops
Hawthome Aviatlon: 352/237-3444. Fax: 352/861-1454
Quest Avionics, Inc.: 352/873-0000. Fax: 352/873-0460

Okeechobee County
Location 3 mi. NW of city
941/763-7982, 941/467-7092. Fax: 813i467-68l8

Location: 3 mi. E of city
407/894-9831; Fax: 407/896-5699
Nearby attractions: Disney World 25 mi; MGM Studios 25 mi; Sea World 18 mi; Universal Studios 10 mi.
intensive flight training, banner towing, helicopter ops
Air Orlando: 407/896-0721
Executive Alr Center, Inc.: 407/896-2799. Fax: 407/896-2892.
. Flight, Inc.: 407/896-4225. Fax: 407/894-2944
Orlando Alrcraft Services: 407/894-9963. Fax: 407/894-7052
Showalter Flying Service, Inc: 407/894-7331. Fax: 407/894-5094

Kissimmee Municipal
Location: 16 mi. SW of city. Nearby attractions: Fighter Pilots USA on fld, Flying Tigers Warbird Museum on fid, Kissimmee golf club on fld; MGM Stuodios 8 mi, Sea World 8 mi; Stallion 51 on fld; Universal Studios 10 mi; Walt Disney World Resort 8 mi.
airline service, banner towing, helicopter.
Kissimmmee Aviatlon Services, Inc.: 407/847-9095. Fax: 407/932-4600
Lake Aircraft, Inc.: 407/847-9000. Fax: 407/847-4516
Marathon Flight School & FBO: 407/846-6128, 407/847-6113, 800/327-9123.

Orlando Intemational
Location: 6 mi. SE of city
407/825-2001. Fax: 407/857-4079
Nearby attractlons: Disney World 20 mi; MGM Studios 20 mi; Sea World 10 mi; Univensal 12 mi. U.S.
airline svc, helicopter, military ops
Aircraft Service Internatlonal, Inc.: 407/851-8304. Fax: 407/855-9588

Orlando Sanford
Locatlon: 16 mi. NE of city.
407/323-8313, 407/322- 7771. Fax: 407/324-0305, 407/322-0186
airline svc, intensive flight training, helicopter ops.
CE Avionics, Inc.: 407/323-0200. Fax: 407/321-3804
Comair Avbiation Academy:407/330 7020, 800/822-6359
Jen Aire Executive Services, Inc.: 800/749-2473. Fax: 407/330-4209.

Orlando Country Location: 2 mi. NW of city
Locai attractions: MGM Studios 20 mi, Universal Studios 20 mi, Walt Disney World 20 mi. intensive flight training, ultralights
OCAv, Inc.: 407/886-7663. Fax: 407/886-7842

River Ranch Resort
Location: 0 mi. NW of city.
941/692-1321. Fax: 941/692-9135
Nearby attractions: Rodeo 1/4 mi; Saloon; Shady Hammock Trail Rides, Wilderness Airboat Tours
aerobatics, helicopter ops, military ops, parachuting, RC models, uitralights.

Sebring Regional
Locatlon: 6 mi. SE of city
941/655-6455. Fax: 941/655-6447 Nearby attractions: Highlands Hammock State Park 15 mi; Sebring International Raceway
aerobatics, agricultural ops, gyrocopters, helicopter ops, military ops, parachuting, RC models, ultralights
Carter Aircraft Inc.: 941/655-1423. Fax: 941/655-1718
Sebring Flight Center: 941/655-6455. Fax. 813/655-6447