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impression: when your ad is viewed (same as a page view)

Get Impressive Results!
Using independent auditing software provided by Webtrends, Inc., Absolutely Florida guarantees that you only pay for the impressions (hits or page-views) your ad receives. We provide quarterly tracking reports that detail your ad's exposure to Absolutely Florida's worldwide audience.

Much more than just a listing service or an Internet directory, Absolutely Florida is also an award-winning online magazine which supports our advertisers with monthly editorial features, giving readers a credible firsthand look at interesting aspects of the Florida travel and leisure experience.

Tile Display with Hyperlink
(2 x 2 inches)
Hyperlinks to your ad or website. Choose from editorial positions, listings, interactive maps. Provides very cost-effective visibility.

only 2¢ per impression!
$100 set-up fee required (min. 10,000 impressions)

High-Impact Banner Display with Hyperlink

(7.5 x 1.25 inches)
Provides superb visibility located atop each page and hyperlinks directly your ad or website. Only 1 banner per page.

Premium Position - placed atop the page of your choice, limited space available.
5¢ impression
$100 set-up fee required
(min. 20,000 impressions, $1,100)

Rotating Position - displayed atop 5 related sections of Absolutely Florida.
3¢ impression
$100 set-up fee required
(min 20,000 impressions, $700)

Video Ads
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine how well a video will show off your business! We can host your video ad as well as produce it...including storyboard, filming, editing, scripting, and original music. These extremely effective videos can also be provided on VHS for your lobby, on mini-CD or DVD. ($100 set-up fee).
Hosting: $1 per play, Production $1500 for up to 90 seconds
Pop-Up Windows
Highly visible postcard size ad displays your message before a page is downloaded. 3 x 4 inches, horizontal or verticle.
12¢ per impression

$100 set-up fee required (min. 20,000 impressions, $2,500)

Hyperlinked Expanded Listing
Includes 50 words of descriptive text, logo or photo and hyperlink to your ad or website. Listings are linked to interactive maps.
$600 per year (volume discounts available)

Plain links, $100/year

Plain listings, $50 per year or 5 years, $200

Don't Have a Website Yet?
Let us create a maximum impact, minimum cost website for you, with all the style and experience of Absolutely Florida.
Call 305/865-9420 for details
also available:
Audio & Video
Multilingual Translation Services
Advertising Design
Website Design

for quotes, please call 866-600-2673